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Peopleaware.com (Be Passion Now magazine) dupes writers in Helium’s Marketplace

  • Peopleaware.com masquerades as Be Passion Magazine in Helium.com‘s Marketplace, cheating writers out of rightfully earned compensation and publication.

In early March, 2008 “Be Passion” magazine posted requests in Helium.com’s Marketplacefor articles with titles such as ‘Best ways to reduce stress’, ‘Reflections on real life heroes’, ‘How to get the most energy from common foods’,  ‘How to find your true passion’, and ten others.  The offer price was as much as $120 for selected articles.  After weeks of nagging by Helium, Be Passion finally made their selections on April 8, 2008.

Today though, it is known that Be Passion has renigged on its promise to pay.  Furthermore, Be Passion has been revealed to be a pseudonym for Peopleaware.com. 

Peopleaware.com promotes itself as a place “where ideas meet the marketplace”, but sources say that Peopleaware.com is in fact a scam operation that lures writers and other entrepreneurial and creative sorts to pay for promotion by Peopleaware, with promises of networking opportunities, and lofty ideas of changing the world through innovations born in the humble minds of ordinary people.

What Peopleaware.com’s motivation for launching this deceitful compaing  could possibly be, remains to be discovered.  Plagiarism?  We’ll try to find out.

  • What we know about Peopleaware.com so far:

Peopleaware applicants are asked for personal information including real name, phone number and zip code, as well as a description of the type of work (article, book, invention) the applicant wants to promote.  An opportunity to upload a file containing the applicants work is conveniently offered on the application page (If you try it, don’t be so foolish as to actually give them anything).

The applicant then receives a confirmation email which displays all the application information.  Peopleaware.com tells the applicant to “Have a beautiful day!” and wait for further response.

More to follow, when a response from Peopleaware.com is received by this writer.

Have a beautiful day!

Edit June 2, 2008:  Please note, all writers who sell work in Helium’s Marketplace, including myself,  agree to keep the identity of each publisher confidential.  Also note that the identity of Peopleaware was made public by Helium (on Helium’s the discussion boards) prior to the posting of Peopleaware’s identity here.   No publisher information, that has not already been made public by Helium, will be found on this blog.