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Helium.com Does Not Suck, and Neither Does Associated Content, or HubPages, or…

So, about Helium…

To wrap up my cursory evaluation of Helium.com, I’ll say they are a good writing site. You can make a little money, but you have to work pretty darn hard at it. You’ve got to publish hundreds of articles to start earning a few dollars each month. Think about it–if you add up your writing time and then figure the present value of the maximum dollars each article might ever earn, it’s not a good business investment.  On the other hand, If you enjoy participating at Helium, you’re getting another benefit all together. At Helium, it’s a good one. They are fun and fair minded people.

Better than that though, is Helium’s Marketplace. It’s not a place where an established writer will spend a lot of time, but it does give a novice writer a real chance to get a pinkie toe in the web writing door. If you can sell a couple articles to Helium’s independent publishers, you’ve got something to use to pursue other work, which is exactly what I’ve done.  To sell work in Marketplace, write your *ss off. Tackle every Marketplace title you can handle, whether it interests you or not. Remember, you’re after paying work.

I haven’t mentioned Helium’s contests, where there’s also some money to be made, because I haven’t participated in them. If I do, I’ll “circle back” and let you know how that goes.

Associated Content

AC pays modest up front dollars for content. $4.50 is the most I’ve ever been paid. On the happy side, a writer doen’t have to compete for these low dollars. You write write, you get paid. And you get page view pay as well. But just like Helium, you have to publish hundreds of articles in order to make $50 or $100 per month. With my twenty odd articles, I earn about $0.06 per week.

I’ve heard that Partner Calls on Associated Content pay better than standard Calls for Content. How much better? Legend has it that writers earn as much as $25/article. I’ve also heard that writers have gotten regular work from AC partners, though this is also unverified. AC periodically gives writers a chance to “apply” for the more lucrative Partner Calls by submitting an original article that is worthy of purchase. After review and publication of the article by AC, the writer waits to see if access is granted to Partner Calls. I submitted my Partner Call application article almost four weeks ago. It’s still awaiting review and publication.

Read here for more from a more experienced AC writer: The Barefoot Scribbles

Hub Pages

I’ve got a few HubPages too, and they earn me zilch. It’s fun to publish them though. In addition to the Google ads and the Konetera ads, you can put Amazon.com offerings on your pages. I imagine that if a person got enough page hits, they might get a little ad or product revenue. With five Hubs published over seven months, I’ve had an average of 5 page hits per day, and about $2 total from Google Adsense ads. I’ve got so few Hubs though that my experience with HubPages is hardly worth citing. As for using HubPages to move up in the writing world, I don’t know how that would be done. Somebody more knowledgeable can clue me in.

Now, this is all very nice, but my ultimate goal is not to learn the intricacies of writing websites. It’s to MAKE MONEY. And I’m earning some money these days. It’s not a living though, unless you live under a bridge.

Next time… Demand Studios: Movin’ on Up